Create your own Music studio


The first step you’ll need is a computer that is compatible. Today every new computer is already set up. If you do not have a sound card they are quite cheap and you can find a good one.

You will need a great mic. These come in all shapes and sizes with various configurations however a general all round mic like the Logitech Noise-canceling microphone is fine for beginners. I suggest you get a desk top one to begin with as you might want to go into video later and so you wont want a headset in your videos.

Of course you can go up a stage and get a preamp with a professional mic but this will start running into dollars and the whole purpose of this article ids that will assist you begin.

Next you will want to have some cables to connect up your tape recorder and other sound equipment. Again the computer stores now have packs that will connect up pretty well any device into your computer to digitalize your audio.


Recording your audio is probably one of the most critical parts of this process and again you can get. For this exercise I suggest you download the free copy of Audacity. This is an exceptional software package which will make it possible for you to record from the mic or any gear you’ve got.

It provides excellent editing capabilities and also will allow you to edit multiple tracks and then combine them. For a wuick overview of the way to do this it’s possible to see this video.
Download the software here.


The piece of software you’ll need for the studio is a converting program that will allow you to convert different formats. For example you may have a real audio file and you want to convert it. DBpoweramp is like the army
Knife for the audio industry and will convert just about any file to any other format.

Additionally, it will rip CDs for you.


If you’re going to stream an mp3 direct then you might want to recompile the file to a format that is smaller. LAME is a great MP3-Encoder: it is extremely fast, it produces high-quality files, has many advanced features (like Variable Bitrates and Joint-Stereo), and it’s open source. It is a command line utility, and that’s where RazorLame comes in: It provides an easy-to-use graphic user-interface making MP3-encoding even easier!

The best way is to get one file and compile in a number of different formats to check the size against quality. Very.


There are a few different ways of streaming your new audio files. When you have Macromedia products you can simple organize this your self however there are some excellent third party programs around that will do it all for you.


This is a piece of software which takes any mp3 or wav audio and converts the entire file and then attaches a button so that viewers can listen on a web page without having to download any additional software. This is great for anyone not wanting to have ino of the technical aspects of streaming audio.

You will not have to lower your files at all with this program because it doers it all. This is perfect for anyone and wishes to do it fast and efficiently.



For people wanting to stream a variety of files msijukebox is a fantastic alternative. This program lets you select any number of mp3 files then arranges them using an XML file. By using the above free programs you can significantly decrease the size of those files to save bandwidth.

This is much better for people wanting to stream a number of quite large quality sound files.


So there you have it. Just download the free software and purchase any of the streaming audio setups that you would like. You can create, edit and manipulate any audio files you like. You will be able to add these audios to your website.

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Pro Audio Amplifiers

Struggling with all the amplifiers, to make it function, becomes regular work. We purchase amplifiers each time with good anticipation that this time it’ll work but each time same problem occur; if its not functioning correctly or it is too dumb, or its audio quality isn’t up to the mark, or confronting problem to run it and a lot more. Amplifiers would be the driving force behind any audio system that is fantastic. Generally we utilize Pro Sound Amplifiers in large live events due to its huge power of amplifying sound. Your work can enter vain, if you pick the amplifier that is incorrect.

The output of A excellent sound amplifier has to be much greater than this and the input has to be done with no kind of issue. It is seen that amplifiers’ output is bad. The amplifiers’ quality is dreadful. All these are heavydifficult to configure and more issues. The achievement of a seminar or a app depends upon the system that is audio and it will be a disaster for everybody when your amplifier doesn’t work. Since the amplifier operates down in the minute, this happens to organizers.

Currently a huge area is occupied by using amplifiers, into the point of concerts that are enormous from our family. Taking into consideration the requirement of the Pro Sound Amplifiers, the amplifier manufacturing businesses manufacture different assortment of those Pro Sound Amplifiers. A number of these amplifiers include: a Lot More, Personal Stereo Amplifiers, Power Vector Modular Input Amplifiers, Stereo Power Amplifiers, Professional Quality Headphone Amplifiers Channel Amplifiers, and Multi-Channel Amplifiers, Digital Amplifiers and Stereo Amplifiers. These are top quality amplifiers.

Each of the Pro Sound Amplifiers aren’t exactly the same type. There attributes as those are specialized in various fields are different from each other. A few of the general characteristics of this Pro Sound Amplifiers are shortly discussed under:

– The Pro Sound Amplifiers are great because those are simple to configure. These can be configured by you based on your requirement. You are able to optimize its’ output capacity.

– The thing about these amplifiers is these can provide outputsignal. It’s possible to stabilize the frequency amount.

– These equipment’s have current and voltage gain circuit, error shielded clip indicators and output, level controllers for each channel, front panel mono, muting and volume shifting and more. The operator can utilize equalizer to combine and control effect and can run it.

– Audio amplifiers make sound due to the system but those amplifiers have automatic temperature control system, therefore no noise sound that is amazing.

– The Pro Sound Amplifiers are easy to carry because those are of lightweight unlike the heavy large boxes, normal amplifiers.

– Work that is enormous but cost small. These amplifiers can cost you little.

Undoubtedly, Pro Sound Amplifiers are extremely simple to work like icing on the cake. These amplifiers enhance the sound and suit together with the high and low input of an app. The Pro Sound Amplifiers are developed for editing suites, demonstration rooms, public occasions and private use. To get reliable performance, simple operation and a great quality, the Professional Sound Amplifiers are unmatched for any other amplifiers.

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